Air Conditioning Quick Fixes for Homeowners (2/2)

Last week we reviewed some quick and effortless ways for homeowners to diagnose, and possibly even repair, their air conditioning system on their own. Below we have outlined a couple more ways to troubleshoot your HVAC system:  

Check the Ducts

Duct leaks allow cool air to exit the duct system before entering your home. You may feel air coming through your registers, but since up to 30 percent of energy can be lost through duct leaks, that air may not be cool.

If your ducts are accessible, inspect for disconnected sections, holes, and gaps. While some homeowners prefer to work with an HVAC contractor for duct issues, you may feel comfortable sealing minor leaks on your own.

Duct tape is not the answer! Duct tape delaminates, losing its sealing ability quickly. The proper sealant for duct leaks in duct joints is mastic. Duct joints should be secured with sheet metal screws, then mastic is applied across the duct seams, sealing the holes that allow air to leak out.

Air Conditioner Fix: Call the contractor

When an easy air conditioner fix doesn’t do the trick, you need the experience and know-how of a true HVAC pro. connects homeowners to local cooling contractors who’ll perform the expert air conditioner fix your system needs to run smoothly throughout the summer.

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