Are Some Rooms in Your Home Colder Than Others?

One of the most common problems that many people have in their homes is when they find out that some rooms are hotter or colder than others regardless of the temperature that the thermostat in the home is set to.

Although it may be frustrating to experience this problem, the reality is that it’s a fairly common problem and there could be one or more issues causing it which may include the following:

Dirty Air Filter

Yes, it’s true, one of the most common reasons why some rooms in your home may be hotter or cooler than others could be due to a dirty air filter in your HVAC unit.

Since air filters are so affordable these days you should replace yours immediately especially if it’s not been replaced in the last six months or so.

The Vents Are Closed

Another thing that could be causing one room in your home to be hotter or colder than others on any given day is because the vents are closed. To solve this problem check all of the vents in each room, reopen any closed vents, and see if the temperature in that room matches the rest of the home once the A/C or heat has been turned on.

Open Windows

Have you checked to make sure all windows in the home have been closed?

This is another common reason why some rooms may feel cooler or warmer than others during the year.

Most people think that the windows in their home have been closed but if you have small children it’s possible that they may have left one window partially cracked open and this could be enough to let in a breeze or draft into your house.

Your Home May Have Air Duct Issues

Last of all, but most important, another reason why one or more rooms in your house may be cooler or warmer during the year could be due to air duct issues.

You could have air ducts that are leaky, crushed, kinked or damaged and those ducts are causing uneven temperatures in your home.

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