Central Heating Problems And Solutions

Winter is almost here in Southern California and that means that many people who don’t use their heaters for up to eight months of the year are going to be using their heaters for the next few months.

Sadly, what most homeowners and renters in Southern California are going to find out is that their heaters may have some problems because they have not been in use for months.

Thankfully, common heating problems and solutions are easy to diagnose. This is why in this article we will list for you some of the most common problems that central heaters have just so that you will know what to look for and what steps to take next.

Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

Is your heater currently blowing cold air? If so, the problem could be due to a wide variety of factors including the following:

You have a dirty air filter – Yes it’s true that air filters do become clogged or dirty over time and need to be cleaned or thrown away all together. If you suspect that your air filter may be dirty, the simple solution is to vacuum the dust and debris off your air filter or throw it away altogether if you’ve had that air filter for some time.

Your ductwork is leaky – One of the biggest problems with having leaky ductwork is that it virtually is an invisible problem that cannot be seen to the naked eye unless you actually go up into your attic to inspect that ductwork yourself. If you suspect that your ductwork is leaking, the simple solution is to hire a contractor to come and repair your ductwork just so that you can have confidence that all leaks have been sealed up the next time you choose to run your heater.

Is Your Pilot Light Lit?

Since it’s not uncommon to have 80-degree temperatures in Southern California during December, it’s highly likely that you have not used your home heater since last February or March. If your heater is not working, another common reason why it’s not working could be due to the fact that your pilot light is not lit.

Before lighting your pilot light make sure that the gas valve is currently turned on then you should attempt to light the pilot yourself. If it does not stay lit, you should contact a professional to come and examine the issue and determine if repairs will be needed.

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