Trabuco Canyon Furnace Repair – How to Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready for Colder Weather

Most Trabuco Canyon Furnace Repair companies will agree that although it doesn’t snow in many areas of Southern California when the weather does change the temperature can feel very cold, and it’s not uncommon for most people to turn on their furnaces.

Although we expect our furnaces to work in cold weather it’s not out of the ordinary for some furnaces to experience issues. This is why it’s important for every homeowner to make sure their furnace is working now by following these tips.

Trabuco Canyon Furnace Inspection Tips

Before following the tips in this article please turn the electrical power to your furnace off by turning it’s switch to the off position.

Step #1 – Remove the combustion door.

Step #2 – Turn the furnace back on and inspect the flame. If you’ve never viewed the flame before it should be burning blue if it’s not, the color could be a sign that your burner is dirty and will need to be vacuumed once the power to the furnace has been turned back off.

Step #3 – After reviewing the burner flame you should turn the power to your furnace off again and clean your pilot light by blowing the dust off it with a straw.

Step #4 – Remove your furnace blower – Last of all, but most important, remove your furnace blower and clean the blower blades with a rag or wire brush.

Step #5 – Reattach your furnace blower and combustion door then turn your furnace back on.

Get Trabuco Canyon Furnace Repair

If you are having problems with your Trabuco Canyon Furnace that you’re unable to resolve yourself contact Air Care Heating & Air Conditioning today by calling us at (949) 482-2911or click here to connect with us online.

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