Why Is My Heater So Loud?

Have you turned on your heater recently only to find out that it’s so loud you could almost not stand to run it?

The good news is you’re not alone. Many people typically find that their heaters are running louder than they would like, especially if they haven’t used them in a long time. That’s why in this article we will list for you some of the most common noises that a heater has been known to make, why a heater makes those noises, and the solution to fix those noises.

Rattling and Vibration

One of the most common noises that a heater makes, especially if it’s not been used in a long period of time is a rattling and vibration noise.

The rattling and vibration noise that you may be hearing could be caused by one or more loose screws in your air ducts. The solution to this problem is to apply duct tape to any loose ducks or another piece of equipment that may be currently loose on your heater.

If the vibrating persists, you can also apply cork pads or rubber underneath your furnace to eliminate the vibrating noise.

Motor Noise

Are you hearing a bouncing noise from your furnace's motor? If so, to alleviate this problem all you have to do is place a piece of styrofoam underneath your furnaces squirrel cage. If the noise still persists after you’ve tried this tip, you may need to call Air Care Heating and Air Conditioning to come in and inspect your heater because the bearings may be worn out.

Banging Noise

Does your furnace make a banging noise when you turn it on? This problem could be caused by what’s known as ignition rollout. Sadly, this problem is very common and also very alarming. It occurs when the flame is bigger than it needs to be when you start your furnace up.

To get this problem fixed, you should also contact your local heating and air conditioning specialists like Air Care Heating and Air Conditioning because anything related to the gas portion of your furnace should be left to the professionals.

To get your furnace checked out, contact us today by calling (949) 482-2911 or click here to connect with us online.

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