How to Avoid Having Hot and Cold Spots in Your SoCal Home

The countdown to summer in Southern California has officially begun and with just 45 days until we start having those warm summer days it’s more important than ever before for homeowners and renters in SoCal to get their homes ready for summer by eliminating hot and cold spots in their homes.

What Are Hot and Cold Spots?

Hot and cold spots in a home are something that’s far from unique in 2019 because every home typically has them.

Quite simply, hot and cold spots in a home occur when the air isn’t being circulated properly due to a variety of factors and this causes one or more areas in a home to be colder or hotter than others.

Thankfully, in this article, we will provide you with a list of things you can do to ensure that hot and cold spots don’t occur in your home.

Tips for Eliminating Hot and Cold Spots

To eliminate cold and hot spots from popping up in your home simply do the following.

  1. Ensure proper airflow in each room by verifying that the vents are open. A ceiling fan or stationary fan should also be available or turned on to circulate the air in the room.
  2. Change your HVAC air filter every 30 days to ensure that your air conditioner is able to efficiently circulate the cool air in your home.
  3. Prevent airflow restrictions by moving furniture away from the air duct vents in your home.
  4. Don’t place computers or other electronic equipment near your thermostat because computers and other devices emit heat and can cause your thermostat to “think” that your home is hotter than it really is.
  5. Install window coverings in each room of your home.

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