Don’t Forget To Change The Batteries In Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Besides being the start of a new year, January is also a great time for homeowners and renters in Southern California to change the batteries in their carbon monoxide detectors.

These detectors are important because they can detect trace amounts of carbon monoxide in the air and alert the occupants of the home before anyone who is in the home succumbs to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Avoid The “Quiet Killer”

Nicknamed the “quiet killer”, carbon monoxide is responsible for up to 400 deaths annually and sadly those deaths could have been avoided if the occupants of those homes had changed the batteries in their carbon monoxide detectors at least every three to six months.

Even though most modern furnaces don’t leak carbon monoxide, older model furnaces are more prone to leakage especially if the filters on those furnaces are not changed regularly. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “During 1999–2010, a total of 5,149 deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning occurred in the United States, an average of 430 deaths per year.” Statistically, the elderly are at a higher risk; and very young children, too, because they cannot communicate their symptoms.

How To Change The Batteries In Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Not sure how to change the battery in your carbon monoxide detector? The good news is that it’s easier than you think.

Most smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors only have to be turned counterclockwise to be released from the wall and the battery should be easy to change from there. If you can’t figure out how to change the battery in your carbon monoxide detector you should look up the make and model of your unit on YouTube for a tutorial on how to change that battery.

Has It Been A While Since Your Furnace Was Tuned Up? Contact Us Today

Besides changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors, one of the best ways that you can ensure that your home stays free of carbon monoxide is by having your furnace tuned up.

To schedule, a furnace tune-up contact us today by calling (949) 482-2911 or click here to connect with us online. 

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