What's That Smell? Learn More About Common HVAC Smells

So, you’re sitting at home one night and your air conditioner is running smoothly then you start to smell something “funky”. Needless to say, the smell isn’t nice and you’re wondering if something is going wrong with your HVAC or possibly died in your unit.

The good news is that HVAC smells are easy to diagnose if you know what you’re looking for.

Electrical Smell

If are smelling an electrical smell, the chances are pretty good that there may be an electrical issue that needs to be addressed like faulty wiring or the motor on your HVAC unit could be burning out.

Electrical smells are nothing to wait on, it’s best to contact Air Care Heating & Air Conditioning ASAP to get that smell addressed before the problem gets worse.

Rotten Eggs

Smelling rotten eggs? This is another serious smell that you should address ASAP because you could literally be having a natural gas leak that must be resolved as soon as possible.


Let’s say that you’re smelling mold, this is another problem to be concerned with because it’s also a sign that you may have mold in your ductwork. For best results with dealing with mold, you should contact an HVAC contractor ASAP to have you’re checked and cleaned if needed.

Oil Smell

Are you possibly smelling an oil smell? This could be caused by an oil leak or a clogged burner and it should also be seen by an HVAC professional like Air Care Heating & Air Conditioning because we can fix the potential problem and get it resolved.

Contact Air Care Heating & Air Conditioning

At Air Care Heating & Air Conditioning, we know the smells that come from HVAC units, especially in Orange County, to get immediate help contact us today at (949) 482-2911 or click here to connect with us online.

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