Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

It’s November in Southern California and even though it’s not uncommon for us to have summer-like conditions, we’ve also had the weather change quickly, get colder and this is a time to start turning on the furnace. 

When the weather changes during the fall and winter months in SoCal one of the first things that people want to do is turn on their furnaces.

Even though we expect our furnaces to blow warm air when we need them it’s not uncommon for some furnaces to blow cold air, indicating that there are serious problems with the furnace that need to be fixed in order for it to start blowing warm air again.

If your furnace is currently blowing cold air, this article will provide you with the reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air and what you can do to get it blowing warm air once again.

Your Thermostat May Be Set to On

One of the most common reasons why most units blow cold air when they should be blowing warm air is because the thermostat is set in the on position. This means that the furnace is constantly running and is unable to heat the air coming out of it.

The solution to this problem is for you to set your thermostat to auto because your furnace will stop running all the time and only turn on when your home reaches the temperature which you set your thermostat for.


Your Furnace May Have Overheated

Does your furnace start out by blowing warm air but then starts blowing cold air? If so, this problem may be caused by the limit switch, a safety feature in all furnaces that will turn the burner off.

What causes the limit switch to turn on? In most cases it’s due to the air filter in the furnace being dirty, and when that filer is dirty your furnace will have to run longer to keep your home warm until the furnace eventually overheats.

What’s the solution to this problem? It’s simple, try replacing your air filter with a new one and then wait to see if your furnace starts to blow warm air once again.

Your Furnace’s Pilot Light May Have Burned Out

Last of all, another common reason why most furnaces start blowing cold air instead of warm air is due to the furnace pilot light burning out.

To fix this problem you should clean the pilot light, turn the gas valve to the on position, and relight the pilot light yourself.

In most cases, the pilot light will state on but there are other cases where it could burn out again and this could mean that your furnaces thermocouple may need to be replaced or adjusted by a professional.

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