Why Is My Furnace Loud?

Over time, one of the most common problems that can occur with any furnace in Southern California is when it starts running loudly.

Furnaces can start running loudly for a variety of reasons; the goal is to understand what’s causing the noise and start taking steps to resolve the problem either by yourself or hire a Rancho Santa Margarita HVAC company to help you with fixing the problems that your furnace may have.

In this article, we will provide you with some reasons for why your furnace is loud and what may need to be done to resolve this problem.

Understanding Loud Noises From Your Furnace

Loud noises can occur for a variety of reasons including the fan bearings wearing out or other issues like “delayed ignition”, a very dangerous problem which occurs because oil that’s been unburned has built up in your furnaces fire box chamber and it’s igniting when you start your heater up.

Since loud noises often indicate a major problem under the surface you should contact an HVAC specialist immediately to resolve this problem for you.

Is Your Heater Making Whistling Noises?

Another common problem with many heaters have is when they start to make “whistling” noises as they are running.

These noises often occur when there are gaps which have developed in the air ducts over time causing the “whistling” sound as the air is blowing through the ducts.

The solution to fixing this problem is to find out where exactly the whistling sound is coming from in your ductwork and to seal those gaps with duct tape until the sound stops.

If the whistling sound continues to persist after you’ve found holes or gaps in your ductwork and you’ve sealed them, another solution to the problem could be that you have a dirty air filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

What If the Noises Are Coming from The Motor?

Let’s say that you hear a “banging” sound when you turn your HVAC unit on, this sound is often caused by pressure changes when you turn your furnace on.

The banging sound can also be caused by ignition roll-out, a little “explosion” which occurs when the furnace is starting because the flame is bigger than it has to be.

What’s the solution to this problem? You should contact a Rancho Santa Margarita furnace repair specialist immediately to fix this problem for you because you never want to attempt to fix anything related to gas or oil in your furnace unless you are a trained HVAC repair specialist.

Contact Air Care Heating and Air Conditioning

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