Why Is One Room in My House Hotter Than Others?

As a long-time Orange County Air Conditioning Repair company, we’ve had many people contact us over the years wondering why one room in their home is hotter than others.

This can be very frustrating, especially during the summer months but the good news is that it’s a problem that can be easy to diagnose and fix especially when we consider the following reasons.

Reason #1 – Your Air Conditioner Could Be Too Small

If you have a house that’s over 2,000 square feet and an air conditioner that was designed to cool a smaller 2-bedroom home the reality is that your air conditioner is undersized and is constantly working overtime to meet the demand that you're putting on it.

The solution to the problem is to invest in a larger air conditioner that will keep your entire home cool, instead of just half of your house like it currently is doing.

Reason #2 – There May Be A Problem with One of Your Air Ducts

Since the cool air in your home is distributed via air ducts, you may have a blocked or damaged air duct that’s keeping the cool air from being fully distributed to all of the rooms in your house.

Thankfully, blocked or damaged air ducts are easy to fix. At Air Care Heating & Air Conditioning we can assist you with fixing your air ducts so that the cool air from your A/C is distributed to every room in your home.

Reason #3 – Have You Checked Your Air Conditioners Air Filter?

Last of all, but most important, another common reason why one or more rooms in your home are warmer than others could have something to do with your air conditioner's air filter being clogged.

If you haven’t changed your air filter lately you should head to your favorite store and pick up a new air filter for your air conditioner because this could solve your problem and ensure that every room in your home is cooled equally.

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