Do Ceiling Fans Help Your Home Save Energy?

Do Ceiling Fans Help Your Home Save Energy?

In 2022, just about everyone is concerned about saving money and one of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to make a home as energy efficient as possible.

The big question is does a ceiling fan help with energy efficiency? The answer is yes!

How Ceiling Fans Help With Energy Efficiency

Ceiling fans can help to make a home more energy efficient because they move the air around in a room, creating a windchill effect, making the room ‘feel’ cooler for everyone.

Although ceiling fans are not recommended as a replacement for an air conditioner, the reality is that they are effective in circulating the cool air in a home and this also means that the HVAC unit will turn on less frequently to cool the home during a normal day.

Should Be Turned Off When Nobody Is In The Room

As with any of the other appliances in a home, a ceiling fan should be turned off when nobody is in the room because since it doesn’t blow cool air like an air conditioner, it shouldn’t be left running when nobody is in the room to enjoy it.

Just like your traditional fans, a ceiling fans should be cleaned at least every 3 months (especially if used heavily) because, they can accumulate dust on the blades and this can inhibit their ability to function normally.

Use More Than Ceiling Fans To Keep Your Home Cool

Make no mistake about it, ceiling fans used in conjunction with air conditioners will keep any home cool, especially during the hot summer months.

Besides ceiling fans, don’t neglect other measures for keeping a home cool like investing in new weather stripping for doors and windows because the simple things are often the most effective at doing the job ti heat or cool a home and keep it energy efficient.

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