Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Allergy Season

A white woman sits at a counter in front of a computer while sneezing

Spring is always an exciting time in Orange County. The shorter days of winter start to exit, and we welcome in warmer weather and more sunshine. The only downside is more allergens move throughout the air and can end up in our homes. If you find yourself sneezing more or with itchier eyes, nose, and throat, your home’s indoor air quality may be to blame. This blog will break down ways to take care of yourself this allergy season.

Cleaning Up

Spring weather is here, and with it, so is the time for spring cleaning! A great way to keep your home’s indoor air quality high is to regularly clean your furniture, carpets, counters, and more. Removing pet dander and fur will help you breathe fresher air and ensure less of it gets trapped in your home’s HVAC system. Utilize the warmer weather and try brushing your pets outside to help lessen the amount of fur in your home.


An easy way to prevent allergens from entering your home is to not let shoes track throughout your house. Not only does this help prevent a mess, but it also keeps dirt, dander, and pollen from entering your home. Establishing a place for shoes to be kept helps contain the possible spread of allergens in your home. Also, if you have a doormat where your shoes get wiped off it’s important to regularly clean it to help improve your indoor air quality.

Preventing Mold

Mold growth in your home can lead to your allergies becoming more aggravated. Mold grows and thrives in dark and damp places like your bathroom, attic, or near any water leaks. Ways to prevent mold are to control your home’s humidity levels by running your fans, making sure your home’s AC system is up to date, and regularly changing your HVAC filters.

Duct Cleaning

If you’re unsure where the issue of poor indoor air quality is stemming from, it may be time for a professional to come and clean your home’s duct system. Your ducts can collect dust and dander and move it about your house. It’s important to regularly check and clean your ducts in order to ensure you’re breathing the freshest air possible.

How We Can Help

Here at Air Care Heating And Air Conditioning (949)482-2911 we take pride in helping our community feel comfortable and cared for in their homes. If you’re experiencing bad allergy symptoms this spring give us a call at (949) 482-2911! Our team of experts is able to give you a free estimate and assess how to best help you, your family, and your home’s indoor air quality.