Should You Leave Your Air Conditioner on All Day?

Should you leave your air conditioner running all day long? Even while you’re not at home?

Even though it may seem easier to leave your air conditioner on during the day instead of turning it off the reality is that running your air conditioner all day long is unnecessary especially if you follow these tips.

Buy A Programmable Thermostat

Thanks to modern programmable thermostats, you can set the temperature in your home during the day at the temperature of your choosing and have confidence that if your house gets warmer than that temperature, your air conditioner will turn on to cool your house down.

There are a variety of programmable thermostats on the market today, including NEST thermostats, which will give you the ability to set the temperature of your home even with your smartphone.

Purchase Ceiling Fans

Another handy way to efficiently keep your home cool during the day is to invest in ceiling fans to circulate the air in each room of your house.

Even though ceiling fans will cool the rooms in your home it’s important to turn them off when you’re not using them because they don’t actually change the temperature of a room and only waste energy if someone is not actually in a room using the ceiling fan.

Plant Some Bushes Outside Your House

Besides investing in a programmable thermostat and ceiling fans for your home, another great thing you can do to save energy and keep your house cool during the day is to plant bushes on the west and south sides of your house.  

Planting large bushes will create a natural “buffer” that will keep your home cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter.

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