Should you leave your air conditioner on while you’re away on vacation?

Summer is just about here and if you’re planning on taking a vacation one of the things that you might be concerned about before leaving is if you should leave your air conditioner turned on while you’re away or if you should turn it off.

Don’t Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

Although some energy-conscious people might suggest turning off your air conditioner while you’re away from home, our suggestion is that you should leave your air conditioner turned on.


You should leave your air conditioner on while you’re away from home because with a programmable thermostat you control the temperature in your home and can set it at the temperature of your choice.

Tip – We suggest setting your programmable thermostat between 83-86 degrees while you’re away on vacation.

This temperature will keep your home from heating up excessively should we have a sudden heatwave.

More Reasons to Leave Your Air Conditioner Turned On

Besides keeping the inside of your home from reaching a temperature that will be difficult to cool down when you return, some of the other reasons to leave your A/C on while you’re away include the following:

Limits Humidity – As a homeowner or renter, you should not let the humidity in your home exceed 50%.

When you use your air conditioner you can limit humidity and its side effects which include mold and must.

Protects Your Wood Furniture – Leaving your air conditioner turned on while you are away will also save your wood furniture from warping.

Helps Your Refrigerator – Another great reason to leave your air conditioner turned on while you’re on vacation is the obvious fact that your refrigerator will not have to run as long to keep your food cool on warmer days.

Stops Odors – Last of all, but most important, leaving your air conditioner on during your time away from home will also help stop potential odors from building up in your house because your air conditioner will circulate the air in your home while it’s running.

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