Tips For Reducing Air Conditioner Power Consumption

There’s no denying that we all use our air conditioners in Southern California because they do make life easier but with this modern convenience can also come to an expensive electricity bill during the summer months due to increased power consumption.

If you’re concerned about power consumption during the summer, this article will provide you with tips you can use to save money on electricity while still continuing to use your air conditioner.

Tip #1 – Turn Up The Thermostat

Although we all like to have our homes and offices cool during the summer months, the reality is that setting our thermostats at cooler temperatures also means that our air conditioners have to run longer to keep us cool.

To avoid this problem you should set the temperature in your home or office at 78 degrees or higher, this will ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t isn’t running all of the time during the summer and it will also mean that you won’t get a bill from your electricity provider that you will have a difficult time paying.

Tip #2 – Change Your Air Filter Every 30 Days

Since you may be using your air conditioner frequently from June through November, you should consider changing your A/C filter at least once every 30 days. Doing this will also keep your air conditioner running great and also help you to pay an affordable energy bill during the summer months.

Tip #3 – Follow These Other Energy Saving Tips

Besides the tips that we’ve offered you in this article, you may want to buy a new air conditioner if your current model is over 20 years old, schedule an appointment with us to tune up your air conditioner, get your vents cleaned or add more insulation to your attic.

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