What Is the Best Thermostat Temperature for Summer?

Summer 2020 is officially here and even though the weather hasn’t been super hot lately, warmer days are ahead and this is why every homeowner or renter should be thinking about the ideal thermostat temperature for their home.

What temperature should I keep my house with pets at home?

Keeping your home at the recommended energy-saving temperatures of 64 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will usually work just fine with your pets. In fact, Consumer Watchblog points out that most pets have natural coping mechanisms for slightly hotter or chillier weather (think fur for cold, panting for heat!). If you have more unconventional pets, like tropical amphibians, fish, or arachnids, be sure not to drop the temperature too low, or perhaps install a heat lamp if lower temperatures cannot be avoided.

What is the best temperature to set your thermostat at for an infant?

Setting the ideal temperature for your infant may take some trial and error, depending on your baby’s mood, health, age, etc. However, it’s recommended that room temperatures do not go below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, nor above 74 degrees Fahrenheit.


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