What’s That Noise? Heater Sounds 101

A technician uses a screwdriver to check the mini-duct less unit hanging on a white wall

If you listen closely, your home’s heater might be trying to tell you something, but finding out what might be a little more complicated. It’s important not to ignore your heater if it makes an unfamiliar noise. This blog will break down some of the most common noises your heater could make that should raise concern.

Heater Noises: When to Call a Technician

With winter still going strong, for the sake of your comfort and health, you need to ensure your home’s heater is working and running properly. It is hard to know how everything is running on the inside of your heater, which is why it’s important to listen, and if you hear something alarming, contact a professional to take a look. The sound might be more than just a slight annoyance. Here are some of the noises that should raise your concern.


If your machine starts to rattle or wobble, this may mean you have a loose panel. A simple at-home way to fix this is by taking time to re-tighten the panel. If the sound persists, something on the inside might also be loose.


Banging or popping noises in your air ducts can be the normal settling of your machine as the heat forces metal to expand and contract. If the banging is louder than usual, it might be the first sign of a combustion issue in your system.


The sound of metal scarping is very unpleasant. If you hear this sound coming from your heater, it could mean the heater’s blower wheel is having an issue. A blower wheel is in charge of pushing air through the machine to ensure it doesn’t overheat. If this part isn’t running properly, it can cause your heater to overheat and shorten its lifespan.


A whistling sound from your home’s heater could be a sign that the system is leaking air. It could be a problem with multiple parts, the most common being with either your fan or your air ducts. It can result in a low airflow problem, which causes your machine to overwork itself.


When in doubt, it’s important to call a professional. A professional HVAC technician will diagnose the problem and give you the best solution. An expert can help stop an issue right in its tracks before it devolves into a worse one.

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