Should You Replace Your Thermostat This Year?

Are you thinking about replacing the thermostat in your home this year? If so, you’re making a smart choice!

Every year, homeowners spend hundreds of dollars more than they should on their Heating & Cooling costs because they don’t realize that the unit in their home needs to be replaced.

Thankfully, today’s thermostats are a lot more affordable than most homeowners think and they cost anywhere from $150, to $500 depending upon the make, model, and features that the homeowner wants to have.

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

One of the smartest things that any homeowner can do in 2020 is to invest in a smart thermostat.

With these types of thermostats, the homeowner can rest easy because their thermostat will remember the most ideal temperature for their home and it will always be comfortable.

Before choosing a new model, the homeowner should verify that the thermostat they want to invest in will be compatible with their HVAC systems voltage.

Homeowners should also confirm how many heating and cooling stages that their HVAC unit has and verify if the unit that they want will indeed fit on their wall.

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